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  • Muscadet AOC

    From a unique grape variety, Melon de Bourgongne, le Muscadet is a white dry wine known for its label of origin.

    Its bottling is a traditional process from Nantes area which follows a very strict rule.

    The wine is cultivated on lie fine for at least 6 months in buried vats and it doesn’t undergo any treatment or .... The bottling can only be made from the 1st of March once it has been harvested and must be done before the 30th of November of the following year.

    This wine-making process enables to stress on freshness, delicacy and the typical aroma of Les Muscadet.

    Les Gillières produce 2 appellations of Muscadet, exclusively bottled in the Château.

  • Gros Plant du Pays Nantais AOC

    Also from a single grape variety, Folle Blanche, Gros Plant became AOC since 2011 suffered the same vinification process as Muscadet.

    Wine very expressive nose, Gros Plant has a tangy typed mouth opening on citrus aromas that add to its freshness. It is the perfect companion for seafood and shellfish.

  • Vins de Pays du Val de Loire IGP

    Rosé (Grolleau rosé grape)
    White in tri-vini (Chardonnay, Melon, Grolleau gris grape)